Several Methods for Winterizing a Residential Roof

The cold months of winter seem to be growing harsher and harsher with each year. This ever intensifying season isn’t fantastic news for homeowners since it is their roofs which need to take on the brunt of Mother Nature’s fury. It is not feasible for us to prevent these harsh winter times. However, home owners are able to take the steps and precautions to extend living of their roofs by using these home roof repair recommendations.

country-house-540796_1920Inspect gutters

It’s not only a clog in the gutters which affects its workings. Even small holes or cracks in gutters often lead on to bigger problems. All it requires is some patchwork of all these holes and cracks to avoid wasting you plenty of cash. It will also provide you with some peace of mind when winter takes hold.

Cleanup the smoke stack

Maintaining a habit of giving your chimney an annual cleaning can prove very useful. This is best done before the first use for the season. The level of protection provided by a home roof is largely dependent on the chimney area, flashing and ice shield.

Do away with debris

Your roof may have some accumulated debris, which needs to be removed. This clutter includes branches, tree leaves and any other clutter that may accumulate on top of the roof and gutters. Failure to do so can result in full gutters which in turn has a negative effect on your roof drainage system. If debris creates an ice dam it can bring about expensive roof repairs. For your safety, it is vital that you wear gloves when you remove debris. Also have the necessary precautions in position to prevent any possible falls.

Trim trees

The strong and fierce winter elements can cause tree limbs to impact and damage a home’s roof. That is why it is so important to hire a professional to remove any loose or low-hanging tree limbs you see near or on your own roof. Remember, it just takes one particular limb to complete a great deal of damage that can result in an expensive and uncomfortable winter!

Inspect all interior vents

You naturally depend upon your heating systems to maintain your household warm through the frigid cold months of winter. So any obstructed vents can lead to a buildup of moisture from the attic which often contributes to a great deal of extensive roof damages. By regularly checking and installing more vents, it is possible to avoid ice dams from being a problem for your roof.

Remove pests

Do check to determine if you can find any indications of infestations or pests like mice or squirrels on the roof area. As pests can be the cause plenty of attic and roof damage, it’s necessary to check these areas for any signs of unwanted pests and rodents trying to make their home in yours!
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