Website Design

The web is expanding at a rapid pace and in order to keep pace with the competition, website design is integral to every business. The newest technologies can build highly functioning websites that are appealing to the eye, easy to navigate and integrated with the very latest Google technologies. Website Design at Conceptual Edge SEO also factors in ways to make mobile responsive web design work for each client.

High Functionality

Some websites function better with pictures explaining products and services while others thrive on the use of drop down menus. There are other websites that thrive with more detail and it is important to match each business with the right kind of functional website. Finding that combination is a specialty at Conceptual Edge SEO.


The design process includes the integration of social media to enhance your company’s online marketing. RSS Blog feeds are also integrated so that users can explore all of your company’s online features. This integration is selectively done so that websites have a sleek design and easy functionality. Google integration is also an essential part of the design process as our team of experts is well-versed on how to rank high with Google and other noteworthy search engines.

Techniques that work

Website design at Conceptual Edge SEO is specific to each business. A tremendous amount of research goes into the design process as our team of experts know the right ways to reach customers in specific target audiences. Here are some of the techniques employed by our team:

  • Adding a Chat Now option
  • Inclusion of discounts among titles
  • Strategic placement of buy now buttons
  • Employing the use of natural language
  • Segmenting users
  • Inclusion of videos

High conversion rates

A goal of our website design is to convert web properties to increase your amount of business and help funnel in missed opportunities from your current client base. One of the reasons Conceptual Edge SEO has such high conversion rates is because we test our calls to action as well as our headlines.


Once your website is designed and goes live, that does not mean our work is done. Our design team will conduct regular maintenance checks to ensure your online presence is the best it can possibly be. Any updates or upgrades will be attended to. It is our goal to maintain the most optimum website for all of our clients.