What Is SEO?

SEO has evolved to include a wide array of strategies, techniques and practices. It has expanded well beyond using the right keywords and Conceptual Edge SEO practice the very latest and most effective SEO techniques.

Continuous Testing

There is a lot that goes into successful Search Engine Optimization and not every method or technique works right away. That is why Conceptual Edge SEO conducts continual testing of new SEO strategies. By experimenting with different strategies, our team is able to discover what works and what does not work. Experimenting with various kinds of SEO strategies keeps us on the cutting edge of success and allows our clients to find the utmost success when it comes to SEO.


Google’s constant updating of its algorithms demands an ongoing to commitment to working with new strategies. What works one month for a website may not work as well ten months down the road. For that reason, Conceptual Edge SEO stays on top of all the Google updates as well as updates on other search engines. The rapid changing state of the Internet demands constant SEO updating, or else businesses will experience a dip in visits and E-commerce.


So many optimizations go into successful SEO that it takes an expert to handle everything. The team at Conceptual Edge SEO optimizes websites in a multitude of ways, which includes but is not limited to the use of the following:

  • Meta Descriptions
  • Title Tags
  • Long-tail Keywords
  • Keyword targeting
  • Shareability

SEO Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions about SEO as it is very in-depth and detailed. There is no one single driver of SEO. For example, keywords and links enhance SEO, but they are not the lone means of success. Also, more links from other sites are not going to always translate into success as it is more important to create links from sites with a high domain authority. It takes a combined effort of several SEO tactics and methods to generate positive results while also not adhering to common SEO myths.

Content driving engagement

Content is virtually meaningless if it does not create engagement. The goal of our content creation at Conceptual Edge SEO is to drive users to the website while creating more e-commerce for businesses. Content is carefully selected and analyzed so that it can be considered a form of online marketing. Primary content is created with the intention of engaging users. That could translate into more business. Content creation is also useful and relevant.